Wizard RF Microchip

Wizard RF Microchip


The RoHF-compliant Wizard RF Microchip generates a micro radio frequency that is less than 1 microampere (1/1000) of a standard bluetooth earphone, which integrates positively with the body’s natural electrical current and energy field.

This product is intended to help promote cell activity, balance the nervous system, increase circulation, and boost metabolism.

Encased in a small, flat laminated slip, the Wizard can be easily and comfortably placed on any part of the body for localized results.

To adhere:

  1. Clean the area using rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball.

  2. Place the Wizard in the middle of a strip of medical tape.

  3. Adhere the tape on your body in the desired placement.

  4. Use additional tape as necessary to secure.

The Wizard may be left on your body throughout the day, though it is recommended to remove it before swimming, showering, or other activities that may make it fall off your body.

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