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Cold Formula

A must-have for every home. Halts the onset of the common cold to keep you at your best.

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Eight Treasure Tea

A crowd favorite – a naturally sweet floral tea mix with edible ingredients including goji berries and jujube.

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Gift Card

Give the gift of health with a rechargeable gift card from The Way! Featuring original sumi ink artwork.

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You want it all, and we’ve got it.


Acupuncture. Cupping therapy. Chinese herbal medicine. Moxibustion. Auricular therapy. 29 generations of history from Hong Kong, China. All in the name of bringing you one thing: Wellness.

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It starts with relationship.

It's not about numbers and dosages and follow-up dates. It's about the relationship you have with us, and the smile you leave with that you bring back each time. That's our reward.

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Get results.

Masking symptoms is easy. But that’s not gonna cut it. We always start by identifying the root cause of a problem, which helps us prioritize what to treat, and how to treat it. In simpler terms, the buck stops here.

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From Hong Kong to the States.

Our practice started in Hong Kong, China. With 30+ years of experience, we have refined our practice to the most effective therapies and treatments within Traditional Chinese Medicine, giving our clients greater options, and more importantly, results.


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