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Feel good, do good.

Complete wellness program for your employees.
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Invest in your people.


We all give our best when we feel our best. By taking care of your team, you boost productivity, reduce employee absenteeism, and develop a company culture that will continue to attract and retain top talent.

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The Way for a stronger company.

Reduce costs

Studies show that employees who participate in workplace wellness programs to prevent health risks and address chronic issues take less days off of work and drive down the cost of health care.

Boost productivity

A productive day at work is more than just showing up. When we aren't feeling our best, our focus tends to drift away from the task at hand. Reduced performance while at work, also called "presenteeism," contributes to increased costs for the company.

Reduce absenteeism

Absence from work due to illness is one of the leading causes of employee absenteeism. This translates directly to company cost in paid salaries, loss of productivity, and increased costs for healthcare and workers compensation. The good news is, most of it is preventable!


Talent attraction

In a world of choices, workers today are choosing their employers as carefully as companies choose their employees. Aside from salary, employees look for a benefits package that is competitive and offers real value for them and their dependents.

Employees stay longer

On the other side of talent attraction is retention. A good wellness program is often what employees miss the most when they leave. Studies show that voluntary turnover is reduced when companies offer benefits which include a workplace wellness plan.

Elevated morale

A company with a strong culture of taking care of its own people builds employee pride. It brings intangible value that fosters trust and more importantly, commitment.


All about your employees.

It's not just about ROI – it's about adding lasting value to your company and your human capital. Our program starts and ends with your employees and their needs.

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Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

Employees will gain a strong understanding of their well-being using our unique approach to assessing of assessing health based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which considers your body, habits, lifestyle, and environments as one interconnected system.

Smoking cessation

Smoking is one of the leading causes of chronic health issues and the rising cost of healthcare. Empowering your employees to make positive changes today allows them to change the trajectory of their long-term health.


Weight loss

Weight loss is one of the most targeted behaviors by companies looking to offer a workplace wellness program. While exercise and maintaining a healthy diet are important, our services can enhance the effects of those activities and improve the body's overall metabolism to target weight loss.

Disease prevention

There are two Allergies slowing you down? Is a bug being passed around the office? From allergies and common cold to chronic conditions such as arthritis and diabetes, we have what your employees need to get better naturally. 


Effective pain relief

A sore neck, back, or shoulder can really get in the way of a productive day, taking away from your focus and ability to function. As we continue to shift towards a more sedentary culture, chronic pain is more prevalent than ever. Our therapists are experienced in managing even the toughest pain so your employees can feel their best.

Stress reduction

Mental health is as important as physical health. Stress is so common in today's economy that it is often ignored as "part of the job." Chronic stress, however, can lead to insomnia, weakened immune system, and a decline in productivity. Our program can help target stress and its effects to help you and your team keep going.


On-site sessions

Get the services you need without having to leave the office. Our popular on-site visits are a welcomed opportunity to help employees feel refreshed and focused to continue tackling the day.

Group events

One of the most important components in a successful wellness program for your company is creating a culture which values health. Our program offers on-site fitness classes, lunch-and-learns, and special event seminars – all in the name of empowering your employees to take control of their own health and wellness.

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