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The leading Chinese medicine and acupuncture wellness center in Phoenix, Arizona and the largest operating clinic of raw Chinese herbal medicine.

  • Herbs in the raw

    Herbs in the raw

    No, not the ones in your mother’s kitchen. We’re talking medicine at it’s core. Before it’s extracted. And processed. And made into a capsule with a name you can’t pronounce.

  • Fitness Classes

    Fitness Classes

    Come and get to know 29th generation master, Chow Sing Tak. Learn Qi Gong to revitalize you and Tai Chi to soothe your soul. The only downside? You can’t take him home with you.

  • Effective Pain Relief

    Effective Pain Relief

    Finding pain relief that works can be a real pain in the neck. Acupuncture offers relief from common neck pains, nasty migraines, cramps, back pain, and joint pain almost instantly. You won’t feel a thing – that means it’s working!

  • Continuing Education

    Continuing Education

    CEU-approved courses for health-care professionals year-round. Learn skills that help you improve your practice with our fun, interactive seminars, and network with other professionals who share your passion!

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