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Auricular Medicine IV

  • The Way 4840 E Indian School Rd, Ste 105 Phoenix, AZ 85018 (map)

Approved CEU Credits: 16
Instructor: Peter Chow, L.Ac.

What is Auricular Medicine?

Auricular Medicine is a sophisticated system of evaluating and treating a wide range of health issues using only the ears. Originally founded by Dr. Li-Chun Huang, the system has been refined through more than 40 years of peer-reviewed research and rigorous case studies. (Few examples here, here, and here.)

The Way_ear acupuncture model.png

The outer ear, also known as the auricle, contains a concentration of nerve endings that correspond to different parts and systems of the body. Changes in your body are reflected on the ears as small, sometimes subtle indications such as color changes, loss of tissue resilience, marks, groves, bumps or nodules — ultimately painting a picture of your current health.

The stimulation of these points, I.E. via pressure, is used for healing and balancing specific parts or systems within the body.

Why this course is unique

Unlike other schools of Auricular Medicine, this system does not employ the use of acupuncture needles. This means you can incorporate this into your current practice or daily life whether you are a wellness professional or a private practitioner.

In this course, Peter combines his expertise in Auricular Medicine with his career of more than 35 years in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to guide you on evaluation and treatment theories. You will learn valuable terminology as well as interesting history and cultural insights that will deepen your understanding.

What you’ll learn

As the 4th of 8 levels in the Auricular Medicine series, the class will focus on evaluation and assessment techniques and theories. Additionally, students will:

  • Continue exploring bodily systems represented on the auricle

  • Examination methods and best practices

  • Identification of trace marks, bumps, and other indicators and how they relate to current health issues

  • Assessment and treatment theory using Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Terminology

  • Hands-on practice

  • Live case-study demo

  • (Optional) Lecture textbook with complete full-color examples

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